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I Endorse

Donald Trump/ President

Vote and Support

Brian Nadell / Congress

District 3

I Recommend

Richard Fredrick /
State Senate

District 5

April Becker / County Commissioner

Kelly Chapman / Assembly

District 8

The Duty of a Patriot

“The duty of a true Patriot is to protect his country from it’s government.”

– Thomas Paine

Brian is a dedicated family man. He has been married to Brenda for 33 years and has three beautiful daughters, Melodi, Clara, Chanel, along with two granddaughters, Natalia and Ellie.

Nadell owned a successful marketing company prior to coming to Las Vegas.

Brian is a Professional Poker Legend, and his experience as a poker player has given him the skills needed to understand all types of people and negotiate with the toughest negotiators known to mankind. This made Brian ready to get what the people of Nevada want from their government.

The Freedom and Liberty Conservative

America & Nevada

Dear Friends,

I’m All In for America and Nevada

As an entreprenuer and poker legend, I won’t bet the farm, the line, or the House. I won’t gamble with the lives or livelihoods of Americans ortheir hard-earned money. The power of the individual’s purse is vital to free enterprise economics and I intend to proritize the lawful special operations style politics of today’s administration that assembles small teams for big results.