• Immigration

    Build that Wall, Mr. President. Build it with steel, build it with Merit Immigration, build it by eliminating chain migration, and make it strongest with building American resolve to stay great with fully funded border and port security.

  • Taxes

    Thomas Paine stated there are two distinct classes of men, those who pay taxes and those who receive and live upon taxes. I support President Trump’s tax cuts and want to make them permanent. The plan for nationwide sales tax in lieu of personal income tax allowing for deductions is the fairest and simplest way to fund our infrastructure, in keeping with Article 1, Section 8 “shall be uniform throughout the States”. As such some tax collection is helpful to States in providing for the infrastructure possible to deliver goods and services, such as online sales tax.

  • Budget

    Cutting the “red tape” creating a leaner way to achieve the same goals is done using special solution based committees designed to solve specific tasks with a clear set of goals and start date with an end date, this is the way the SARS Co-v solutions are being funded. Small amounts to ready willing and able private industry that can act swiftly and hit targets accurately for the highest rat possible of ending the crisis. Penstroke politics wiped out cronyism, and we aren’t stopping here.

    The Federal Reserve was merged into the US Treasury in March of 2020 and that process includes a plan for deficit mitigation that will be brought about in a plan ending the federal deficit. The Stimulus package is a step towards making right the wrongs of the past. The move to a gold backed standard already in motion will eliminate global banking meddling cartels and America will be whole and prosperous.

    I especially support Trump’s frugal military budget and plans. His elimination of waste was enough to pay for our 6th branch of Space Force which is a national security necessity in the war for planetary domination via Space.

  • 2nd Amendment Rights

    By all means, for all time, in all ways possible. This includes ending current federal in play permissions to purchase ammunitions. I’ve got one message for the Gun Control lobby, I ain’t your Huckleberry.

  • Healthcare

    If Trump hadn’t been waylaid by the impeachment sham, we would already be discussing how the $300/month core healthcare plan with riders is working across the land. I’ll prioritize this in my mission to get a jump start on facets of it including intrastate telehealth, and even lower prescription costs with new American manufacturers & providers and less administration to speed all healthful solutions including pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals and holistic solutions be acceptable as qualifying for reimbursement and health savings account expenditures.

  • Abortion

    Personally, and for my family, I support life at conception. As a legislator, I can support the 8 week Heartbeat Bill. Infanticide and “abortion clinic ‘early delivery’ is murder and no Constitutional lawmaker can stand by and support that.

  • Term Limits

    Two full elected terms (12 years) for Senators, and four full elected terms (8 years) for Representatives.