Dear Friends,
I’m all In for America and Nevada.

As an entrepreneur and poker legend, I won’t bet the farm, the line, or the House. I’m a betting man, but not with the lives or livelihood of Americans or their hard-earned money. The power of the individual’s purse is vital to free enterprise economics and I intend to prioritize the lawful special operations style politics of today’s administration that assembles small teams for big results.

 People have asked, “Why are you running for Congress Brian?”. The answer is simple… To Bring Common Sense to Washington DC and unite the people for the liberty of our great country.  Clear plans with direct quantifiable results are my endgame. I’m not here to play games, just to win for America.

Let us not overlook the simple fact we all bleed red and the divisionary history of those who wish to subvert our liberty understood dividing us from this one truth, was the key to their plan. For the pandemic, they succeeded in pitting neighbor against neighbor, to be masked or unmasked, gloved or ungloved all fueled by lies. We have been lied to our whole lives. And that’s the “gloves are off” truth.

In our post-pandemic reconstruction, the Big Government got slammed, and sucker-punched, but to defeat cronyism and the industrial complexes we need to go a few more rounds. As a willing and able Article 1 Section 8 respecting statesman to restore what was good to protect our national security, I:

Thomas Paine Morphs Into Brian Nadell

  • Demand Transparency through audits & appropriate investigation
  • Restore 4th Branch News Agency with FOIA process
  • Enforce The Supreme Law of the Land
  • Cut Aid and freeze more Assets of enemy Foreign Nationals
  • Remove agency blockades to anything Made in America, especially for mining, industry, and manufacturing with responsible stewardship

Our greatest enemies, the ones we must fight most often, are within.

Thomas Paine

We need to face the sad fact the propaganda press will never return to its investigative roots and will continue down the track of attack, attack, attack by opining to eliminate truth.  I support the judicial process for justice of monopolizing publishers such as rogue social media that are today’s electronic public square and town crier for on-the-go citizenship. We can never censor free speech online, in person, or at the pulpit.

Freedom and liberty take a back seat to the interest of foreign nations in the greed of rich men north of Richmond. We need to put America first and restore our liberties

Line-item veto on limited bill initiatives would go a long way to cutting pork spending and keeping spending in check. Spendaholic Washington is so far from the reality we need a purge of politicians and a return to statesmanship.

Evil never sleeps and trafficking will never end because the perverse participants realize they can sell a person over and over. My deepest gratitude to the trucker watchdogs, Wounded Warriors, our military, and other operations that have made immense strides to shut off the routes and dark money associated with drug and human trafficking.  One child is too many, one person lost to opioids too much. Reward states with trafficking vigilance by commerce and contracts. Make trafficking the poison pill so deadly that the trickledown effect on every agency will be felt deeply. Trafficking is an endless war and back the blue when they are true…

The mental health crisis in our country is significant and affects all people. 92% of our pharmaceuticals were made in China and corrupted in China. I’m quite sure the medical proof for what ails us in America will be linked to these roots. Building my case for all things American, for our security. As for technology, we can always temporarily bring in, through visa talent, when necessary great minds, but I’d bet dollars to donuts the 11-13 million technocrat foreign nationals are the underlying source of censorship perversion of our e public square. Our strong allied foreign partners in Italy, The Philippines, and Israel are also working on cures and technology to mutually benefit them and us. What we won’t be doing on my watch is funding or permitting weaponized food, medicinal, and bacteria that were ordered to be destroyed and weren’t, leading to grave world consequences. As Mike Pompeo stated, we must enforce Global Governance Contracts.

My great love for the outdoors and our wild kingdom will ensure thoughtfully preserved earth resources through foreign policies dually affecting our One Incredible Planet.

“To get to the finish line, I first need to be strategic. There is an art to war in politics and I’m a fighter for this time in history, to make history rebuilding prosperity and economic liberty the American Way”.

For God & Country,

Vote Brian Nadell for Congress 2024